The Silver Needles Electric Cone Yarn Winder is back in production!

Yarn from a skein or ball is quickly wound onto a cone. The coned yarn then feeds smoothly into your loom, sock or knitting machine. Get all wound up in our SN100 model for pointed topped cones, or our SN200 model for open topped cones. We have also introduced the SN300 to fit our customer’s own cones. If you are a weaver, sock or machine knitter, spinner, or fiber artist in general, you may want to check out our winder demonstration video. Contact Us for the demo, pricing and ship dates. Handcrafting of the winders has passed from Dad-Aden to Daughter-Barb & Husband-Scott. We also repair Aden’s older winders. We like to keep our winders winding!

Now That’s A Cone Winder! Scroll Down: To View Winder Models, Click On Picture