We like to keep our winders winding!

If you have one of Dad-Aden’s older winders, we are happy to clean and repair as needed. We will send you an estimate before we proceed. Please Contact Us to get the address for shipping to Silver Needles. Turn around is typically about a week – 10 days.

Please Contact Us for shipping address and packing info.



At Silver Needles, we can change this…








…into this!


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Humor Section

Hi Barb, I’m so glad I gave you a good chuckle – totally my intent! Attached are photos of my winder hack! Mind you this took time 🙂 The Styrofoam cone needs to be covered with duct tape so it doesn’t flake all over the place or get caught in the yarn. The drill bit is actually a crochet hook because its longer. Finally I keep a bit of static guard close by because sometimes the static buildup as I wind is a little over the top. Anyway, enjoy. You are absolutely welcome to use the photos. Enjoy the laugh.

Best regards,

Helene is now enjoying using her SN 200 Silver Needles Winder.

Winder Repair (2): I want to thank you so much for taking a bunch of Silver Needles Winder parts and making them into something that works. Again, thank you for getting Silver Needles Inc. back up and running and for being so easy to deal with, it’s very much appreciated! Now I have two SN Winders – lucky me! ~ Susan October 18, 2016

Thanks for fixing the 3 winders. So glad that you took over the business. ~ Marian July 20, 2016 Letter

Hello, yes, the winder arrived safely. The person who winds yarns says it is much improved. All the best, ~ Michael June 11, 2016