SN 300 Custom Built


This winder is custom built to fit your own cones. We will need 2 of your cones to build your winder to fit and then run-test your winder before we ship.

All models sell for $350.00 USD + shipping.

All of our winders have a 6-month limited warranty on materials and handcrafting.

Please contact us to place an order!

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Thank you for your excellent customer service, I would be happy to recommend your product [Silver Needles Cone Winder, Model SN300] and company to anyone!

~ Holly Nov 10, 2016

I love it, performs beautiful. Love the sound it makes. I have wound 2 cones I needed and no problem at all. Boy is this going to save me time. I will definitely praise the winder.

~ Pam Jan 23, 2017