SN100 Winder


This winder uses the Pointed Topped Cones with the wider bottom and is the preferred winder and cone to feed the Circular Sock Machines. Winders are handcrafted in USA; made to order.

All models sell for $350.00 USD + shipping.

2.5″ at bottom and comes to a point (175x65x10.5)

Price of additional cones: 55 cents each USD + shipping
Box of 24* @ 55 cents each = $13.20 + shipping
Box of 36* @ 55centseach = $19.80 + shipping
Box of 72* @ 55 cents each = $39.60 + shipping
Box of 168* @ 55 cents each = $92.40 + shipping
* number of cones that fit in the small/large shipping carton!

All of our winders have a 6-month limited warranty on materials and handcrafting.

Please contact us to place an order!

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I have 2 Silver Needles Electric Cone Winders. One in my workshop and one in the house for winding yarn for my sock machines. The Silver Needles Winder is the best low cost electric yarn winder. It makes a beautiful full cone with even tension, has a knot detector to make sure the yarn runs through to the sock machine smoothly and is a joy to use. I highly recommend the Silver Needles Winder for sock knitting.

~ Katy

Oct 26, 2016

Hi Barb, My winder works great! I spent all day winding cones of different yarns. It worked wonderfully. Thanks so much again for my winder.

~ Linda

Jun 17, 2016

I am a production handspinner and when I saw the video on winding cones of yarn from skeins, I asked where to get the equipment. Every time I see a video of that wee machine, I am flabbergasted at how slick it is!!! Awesome! And a much needed niche for fiber artists who can’t find studio equipment easily.

~ Kathy

Jun 12, 2016

Oh, my goodness!!! I AM sooooo excited! Yes, my order is correct. SN100 that uses cardboard pointy cones…. Thank you so much, you have made my day! Thank you and your husband for pursuing Aden’s dream and bringing back the Silver Needles Winder for all of the Machine Knitters and fiber artists out there.

~ Rhonda

Jul 19, 2016