SN200 Winder


The SN200 winder uses the Open Topped Cones and holds a bit more yardage than the SN100 cone. The winders are handcrafted in the USA; made to order.

All models sell for $350.00 USD + shipping.

Open topped cone (178x46x18)

Price of additional cones: 55 cents each USD + shipping
Box of 20* @ 55 cents each = $11.00 + shipping
Box of 32* @ 55 cents each = $17.60 + shipping
Box of 72* @ 55 cents each = $39.60 + shipping
Box of 128* @ 55 cents each = 70.40 + shipping
*number of cones that fit in the small/large shipping carton

All of our winders have a 6-month limited warranty on materials and handcrafting.

Please contact us to place an order!

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Hi Barb, the SN winder definitely saves time! I had been using an electric double-ended bobbin winder that had a cone adapter on it. It was not only slower but uneven, no matter how careful I was. When the wind is uneven, the yarn doesn’t wind off smoothly and can cause problems when knitting.
Oct 18, 2016

Hi Barb, Received my cone winder today! Tried it out and I love it! I especially like the auto shutoff for knots! Thanks so much. Thanks again, love my new toy! ~ Julie Aug 11, 2016

Hi, Barb – Just wanted to let you know that I am totally happy with my winder, and thank you so much for making them again. Hope you have lots of orders. Thanks again! ~ Lois Aug 3, 2016

It’s perfect!!! There are no negatives with my new SN200-nodda. I like the way it winds and the results on the long plastic cones. WOW. ~ Ed July 19, 2016