Recently two renowned machine knitters – Diana Sullivan and Susan Guagliumi – have recommended your winder. I would like to order the SN200 winder, plus a box of 32 spare cones. Phillipa July 18, 2017

I just love the SN100 winder. It produces an evenly spun cone that works so well with my circular sock machine and my flatbed knitting machine. The even tension makes all the difference when you are using your yarn while knitting in this manner. I also find it very easy to wind yarn from skeins. I have a shoulder and neck injury. This machine has literally changed my life! There is a huge decrease in my pain due to repetitive movement. I cannot recommend the winder enough. I am so happy that Barb and Scott have kept the business going, they are great to deal with and they give excellent customer service. Anne July 6, 2017

I AM VERY VERY HAPPY WITH THE WINDER. Keep on going, your are doing a great job. Claire May 25, 2017

Got it! Used it! LOVE it! Worth the wait! Thanks, Judy May 11, 2017

San Francisco Sate University has just purchased a 2nd Silver Needles Cone Winder. We purchased the schools first SN Winder about 5+ years ago and have wound hundreds and hundreds of cones on it. The cone winder has been instrumental in expanding the depth and variety of yarns students can work with. I have sourced other cone winders but they are way too expensive and take up precious floor space. Your father did a great thing by making his cone winder available! San Francisco State University, Victor DeLaRosa, Assoc. Professor of Textiles 5/11/17

Arrived right on time. Put together and I have already wound many cones. What a marvelous little machine.. Exceeds expectation. I have jiggered the rotator cuff in my left shoulder and normally winding cones is one of those jobs that irritates it. Well no more.. quite a painless exercise now.. wonder why I waited so long before ordering one..!? Much more time for knitting now.
Thank you for everything… Kind Regards, Debbie 5/5/17

I love the winder, it was easy to set up and works perfect!! Susan 4/13/17

Wow great! You’ve really got a great product. I did it and just wound the perfect cardboard cone! Melanie 4/1/17

This is one amazing electric cone winder, i wonder how i lived without it! Much better than manual winder the cones are wound so perfect and i love the knot finder . Pam Jan 24, 2017

I love it, performs beautiful. Love the sound it makes. I have wound 2 cones I needed and no problem at all. Boy is this going to save me time. I will definitely praise the winder. Pam Jan 23, 2017

OMG – love my winder!!!!! BE Jan 7, 2017

Thanks Barb. I LOVE my winder❤️ Jean Dec 9, 2016

The SN winder definitely saves time! I had been using an electric double-ended bobbin winder that had a cone adapter on it. It was not only slower but uneven, no matter how careful I was. When the wind is uneven, the yarn doesn’t wind off smoothly and can cause problems when knitting. Cindy Oct 18, 2016

Barb will take good care of you. Enjoy your new Silver Needles Cone Winder….they are the best!! Cheers, Katy Oct 26, 2016

Pointed topped Cones, Model SN100:
I have 2 Silver Needles Electric Cone Winders. One in my workshop and one in the house for winding yarn for my sock machines. The Silver Needles Winder is the best low cost electric yarn winder. It makes a beautiful full cone with even tension, has a knot detector to make sure the yarn runs through to the sock machine smoothly and is a joy to use. I highly recommend the Silver Needles Winder for sock knitting. Katy Oct 26, 2016

My winder works great! I spent all day winding cones of different yarns. It worked wonderfully. Thanks so much again for my winder. Linda Jun 17, 2016

I am a production handspinner and when I saw the video on winding cones of yarn from skeins, I asked where to get the equipment. Every time I see a video of that wee machine, I am flabbergasted at how slick it is!!! Awesome! And a much needed niche for fiber artists who can’t find studio equipment easily. Kathy Jun 12, 2016

Oh, my goodness!!! I AM sooooo excited! Thank you so much, you have made my day! Thank you and your husband for pursuing Aden’s dream and bringing back the Silver Needles Winder for all of the Machine Knitters and fiber artists out there. Rhonda Jul 19, 2016

Your Silver Needles Electric Cone Yarn Winder is on the Way!
Hi Barb, All I can say is Yippee! It is a wonderful day, can hardly wait for Wednesday! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to winding yarns to my hearts content…Thanks again, Rhonda July 25, 2016

Open topped cones, Model SN200:
My SN Winder is working great. I’ve got 75 balls of yarn to wind. I can get up to 3 100 from balls per cone 😀😁 , Shawn Nov 9, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that I am totally happy with my winder, and thank you so much for making them again. Hope you have lots of orders. Thanks again! Lois Aug 3, 2016

Received my cone winder today! Tried it out and I love it! I especially like the auto shutoff for knots! Thanks so much. Love my new toy! Julie Aug 11, 2016

It’s perfect!!! There are no negatives with my new SN200-nodda. I like the way it winds and the results on the long plastic cones-WOW. Ed Jul 19, 2016

Cranking on a CSM, using the yarn coming off a well-wound cone sure makes for easier knitting and a better sock. I’ll be your cheerleader!! Cindy Aug 4, 2016

Custom Build, Model SN300:
Thank you for your excellent customer service, I would be happy to recommend your product [Silver Needles Cone Winder, Model SN300] and company to anyone! Holly Nov 10, 2016

Repairs: We like to keep our winders winding!

Fixed like new! Barb P. 3/21/17

Winder Repair (2): I want to thank you so much for taking a bunch of parts [Silver Needles parts from ebay] and making them into something that works. Again, thank you for getting Silver Needles back up and running and for being so easy to deal with, it’s very much appreciated! Now I have two SN Winders – lucky me! Susan Oct 18, 2016

Thanks for fixing the [3] winders. So glad that you took over the business. Marian 7/20/16 Letter

Yes, the winder arrived safely. The person who winds yarns says it is much improved. All the best, Michael Jun 11, 2016

Silver Needles Winder Run-checks:
Everything is spinning great!!!!! Thank you for checking in. Chris Jun 11, 2016

Hello The winder is running well. Thanks Cece Jun 11, 2016